Our Mission

Founded in 2009, the Castle Shannon Revitalization Corporation's mission is to breath new life into the Castle Shannon Business District through growth and development. By creating an image and identity, providing green space and promoting community events, the CSRC will enhance a cooperative relationship with our business community, residents and local government officials.

Our Vision

Castle Shannon seeks to become a walkable community and act as a transit hub, creating new housing and commercial development investment opportunities.  The borough will be viewed as one that appreciates attention to detail and good design throughout the downtown and residential neighborhoods.

For the longest time, we all waited for a white knight to ride into town and fix the problem. But the Main Street people made us realize that the only way to get it done right was to do it ourselves.
— Russell Thomas, Mayor of Americas, Georgia

What We have Achieved to date

  • Secured Keystone Communities status for Downtown Castle Shannon.
  • Secured a major grant for developing streetscape engineering, permits and bid package.
  • Conducts Castle Shannon's Fall Festival each year.
  • Developing a plan for Saw Mill Run watershed redevelopment.