Facade Grants Available

Project Narrative Façade Program

The façade program is one of the ways of implementing good design in the downtown.  The design portion of the program works in concert with the other three points of the program to develop a comprehensive strategy for the revitalization of the downtown. That plan was documented in the Keystone Communities designation application

Commitment to Historic Restoration

The Committee is committed to historic restoration of buildings as a part of the Keystone Communities process.  The adopted guidelines for the façade program embraces and requires adherence to the Secretary of Interior Standards. 

The purpose of the façade program is to help enhance the visual appearance of the downtown as the buildings will be restored to present a better image.  The façade project is not operating isolated with from the rest of the project but as a strategic element to reposition the town in regional marketplace.

Our plan is to augment the façade program with other physical improvements. The facade program then becomes part of an overall strategy not a stand-alone program.

We have applied and been granted a design grant for the Provide for streetscape improvements.  We have made application for streetscape construction funding through the multimodal CFA Program.  The improvements will include improving sidewalks, and curbing, provide for benches and bike racks recondition lighting, provide green areas establish way-finding program (pedestrian and vehicle). Work through streetscape design will create central plaza and gateway improvements, create a gateway island near the Lebanon Shops, improve pedestrian traffic flow promote walk-ability, design intersections to be more pedestrian friendly as well as encourage connection in the downtown through proper design

We will conduct Façade Program and Streetscape program simultaneously. The Committee has adopted design guidelines, secured participants in the program.  It is estimated that we will complete 10 façade projects.